• CAVA

    The story begins, as all the best ones do, in a small place with a great winemaking tradition: a land of Catalan farmers with a desire to discover and investigate. The other key factor was three main grape varieties: Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Parellada, a trilogy which defined and differentiated this sparkling wine, later named Cava.


    CORPINNAT is the composition of two words: COR (Heart), the cradle where they began to christen the first sparkling wines of the Spanish State. And PINNA, which refers to PENDÈS, which means rock, which evidently defines the territory.


    The quality sparkling wines belong to the Penedès wines from the beginning, although they always have a much smaller volume than the quiet wines. However, since 2013 with the entry of new wineries, wines have gained more strength within the C.

    Clàssic Penedès follows the traditional and ancestral method of making the best quality foams from around the world and is characterized by 3 points mainly (100% Ecological, 100% Penedès and 100% Reserve).


    The history of Champagne is linked to the history of France. The Kingdom of France was born in Reims with the baptism of Clodoveo: thus, the wine of Champagne will be closely linked to the king, the nobility and great events.

    In the late 17th century wine became miraculously effervescent and had immediate success among members of the royal family, among the nobility and wealthy people.

    Through numerous travels, undertaken by the Maisons de Champagne, the Champagne became known worldwide to the aristocratic elite: it is a symbol of French culture, liberal ideas and art.


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